Welcome to the INVEST forum. This forum is designed to help people deliberate over the ethical, legal and social impact of emerging technologies. Your responses in this forum will be used to make informed recommendations to technology developers, policy-makers, and regulators.

The INVEST forum is a project of the Center for the Integration of Research on Genetics and Ethics at Stanford University. To read more about the Center, click the About Us link. If you have any questions about the project or the Center, you can contact us using the Contact Us link.

We are interested in the participation of a wide variety of people in the forum. You are invited to participate by giving us your opinion on an emerging technology and its ethical, legal, and social implications. You will be asked to give us your response to a hypothetical scenario. We estimate that participating in this forum will take about 20 minutes.

The current scenario deals with a new technology for prenatal genetic testing. If you would like to help us advise technology developers, policy-makers, and regulators on this technology by contributing to the forum, please click the link below.

NOTE: While we value every response, please DO NOT participate in each forum more than once. It is important that every response receive equal weight.